Aunt Betty’s Story, The Narrative of Bethany Veney, A Slave Woman – Bethany Veney was born a slave in Luray, Page County, Virginia in 1815. Originally published by George H. Ellis Press in Boston in 1889, this booklet relates her everyday stories and hardships, her fidelity to trust, her religious experiences, her angers and sorrows, and finally her freedom in 1858 and her new home in the North. Price: $5.00

Dismissing the Peculiar Institution: Assessing Slavery in Page and Rockingham Counties by Dr. Charles Ballard – Historians Wayland and Strickler have presented the low percentage of African American slave inhabitants in Page and Rockingham Counties, compared with the higher percentages for other Shenandoah Valley counties as well as those counties east of the Blue Ridge, as an indication that slavery was of little economic and social significance in Page and Rockingham counties. Ballard challenges these beliefs in several area, especially the importance of industrial slavery to the iron working industry. Price: $5.00

Forerunners by Harry M. Strickler – This is Harry Strickler’s first book, published in 1924, on the history and genealogy for the Strickler families, their kith and kin, including Kauffmans Stovers, Burners, Ruffners, Beavers, Shaffers, Brumbacks, Zirkles, Blossers, Groves, Brubakers, Neffs, Rothgebs, and other early families of Shenandoah, Rockingham, Augusta, Frederick and Page Counties. The information in this book dates to 1700. Price: $30.00

From Iron Plantation to Company Town: The Shenandoah Iron Works, 1836-1907 by Dr. Charles Ballard – Throughout the 18th and 19th centuries iron mining and manufacturing emerged as an integral component of the regional economy of the greater Shenandoah Valley and Appalachian highlands of Virginia and West Virginia. A large iron works that, to date, has not received deserved attention was the Shenandoah Iron Works, located at or near the town of Shenandoah in Page County, Virginia. These now defunct works were in operation from 1836-1907, and Dr. Ballard writes an excellent history on the operations of these Works and its contributions to the county economy as well as the Civil War effort. Price: $5.00

The German Element of the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia by John W. Wayland – In this volume, Dr. Wayland gives us an account of the first white men in the Valley, the Germans-whence they came, why, and when, early settlements, counties and county records, towns and town founders, religious life and organizations, politics and war, education and literary activities, rum and slavery, home life, industrial habits and enterprises. An appendix gives interesting data on early records and transactions. Published 1907. Price: $30.00

A History of the Valley of Virginia by Samuel Kercheval – The all-time favorite history of Virginia’s famous Shenandoah Valley. The first edition was published in 1833, revised and enlarged by the author in 1850. A third edition followed in 1902, and a fourth in 1925. Probably the best and fullest authority on the early conditions in the Valley. Kercheval enjoyed the very great advantage of having conversed with men and women who had been actors in the pioneer period. A lot of the information in this book was derived first hand. Price: $35.00

History of Rockingham County  by John Wayland - Hard Cover history originally printed in 1912, reprinted in 1996, from a great history of one on the Shenandoah Valley's most historic counties.  466 pages and well indexed. Price $37.50

Luray/Page County Men and Women in World War II – Shortly after World War II, Luray’s VFW Post 621 compiled photographs and service information on over 400 Page County men and women who served in the U.S Armed Forces during the war. The resulting book was printed in a limited quantity, and therefore has become a much sought after item. Responding to numerous requests from the community, the Heritage Association has republished this popular book. It is now available for relatives and friends of WWII veterans and others interested in this period of Page County history. Price: $22.50

Massanutten by Harry M. Strickler – This book discusses the first settlement in the Shenandoah Valley in 1726. This settlement was the beginning of five counties—Augusta, Frederick, Shenandoah, Rockingham and Page. The materials in this book for genealogies are voluminous and valuable. There is good information on early religious organizations, mainly the Baptists and Mennonites. Also information on many old homes and forts. Originally published in 1924, reprinted in 1994. Price: $18.00

Old Homes of Page County by Jennie Ann Kerkoff – Locations, exterior and interior photos and extensive descriptions of a number of old Page County homes and forts. This book is in its fourth printing because of popular demand. Published 1962. Price: $30.00

Page County, Virginia, Men in Gray compiled by Thomas M. Spratt, this book was published in 1997. While the Regimental Histories provide much information on the veteran’s service, they do not include much genealogical data. Men In Gray accomplishes this and in many instances parental information, spouses, and names of children and burial sites for all Page County veterans. Names are also listed alphabetically by unit. If you don’t know what unit your veteran was in and/or you want some genealogical information, this is the book. Price: $28.00

Page, The County of Plenty – In 1976 the Page County Bicentennial Commission printed this booklet to celebrate our nation’s 200th birthday. In accordance with this celebration, the Commission "wished to commemorate the efforts and deeds of our forefathers and leave for posterity a tangible and fitting remembrance of them." These brave men forged in to the Page Valley and established a heritage upon which their descendants could build a productive future. Page County is indeed proud of her long history and of her contributions to the spirit of independence that brought our great nation into being. This historical booklet was dedicated to all persons, past and present, who have been fortunate enough to call Page County their home. This booklet is a basic must for all county households. Price: $5.00

The Painful News I Have to Write  by Harlan Jessup- Serving in the famous Stonewall Brigade, three sons of Daniel and Rebecca Hite of Mill Creek gave their lives for the Confederate cause. Isaac, their brother, served in Robert E. Lee's bodyguard and survived to be paroled at Appomattox Court House. This moving story is told in a diary and some eighty wartime letters which name over 400 of their Page County neighbors, cousins, sweethaearts, and comrades. Compiled and edited by a great grandson of the surviving brother, this handsom book of over 200 pages has a colorful dust jacket and includes maps and family photographs. Price $27.00

Shenandoah Valley Pioneer Settlers – First publication of the Jost Hite Plat map, the Miller and Dellinger massacres by the Indians, the first detailed map of the lower Shenandoah Valley. Pedigree lines or sketches of AU (Eye), Bucher, Dellinger, Hammond, Martiau, Rhodes, Sauvage, Walter and Washington families. There are some family photographs. Also items of historic interest including evidence of a visit by white men in 1856. Price: $13.00 Temporarily sold out

A Short History of Page County by Harry M. Strickler – One of Virginia’s more important county histories. It is believed that here was the first settlement of the Shenandoah Valley at Massanutten in 1726. Old homes, excerpts from court records, the Civil War, towns and villages, Shenandoah National Park, churches, education, industry, Indian mounds, biography and genealogy. A must in a Page County resident’s library. Published in 1952. Reprinted 1996. Price: $43.00

Twenty-Five Chapters on the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia by John W. Wayland – To which is appended a concise history of the Civil War in the Valley. Featured are various phases of interest that have hitherto not been given prominence. The formation of the counties, the comprehensive variety of races and religions composing the population, historical literature and newspapers, singing and the production of singing books, and other important subjects such as the Revolutionary War period in the Valley, the naming of streams and mountains and the old wooden bridges and their builders. Published 1957. Price $43.00

Unmasking a Virginia Myth by Gene Paige Hammond – This book covers what the schools did not teach—who first visited the Virginia Valley. A brief history of visits and explorations to and through the Valley before 1717 with maps. Also notes on migration, population spread and settlement. Price: $15.00

The  Burning: Sheridan in the Shenandoah Valley byJohn L. Heatwole  The burning of the Shenandoah Valley in the fall of 1864 was not a simple raid, but a well planned and brilliantly directed campaign by General Philip Sheridan.  John Heatwole chronicles the stories of the soldier and civilians caught in the terrible firestorm and corrects errors that have been perpetuated through the years. Sold out at this time. If more copies become available, it will be re-listed

Civil war diary of Joseph F. Kauffman ...a 31 page diary from Mar 28, 1862 to August 28, 1862, up to the time he was killed in the 2nd battle of Manassas.
Paper back  Price $5.00

Everything Was Wonderful by Reed L. Engle... a pictorial history of the Civilian Conservation Corp in the Shenandoah Valley both before and after the parks establishment in 1935. This book tells the story of the CCC boys. Brimming with detail, photographs, and quotations from the boys, it brings an era to life. Their times here in the CCC gave their lives direction and meaning- a time when Everything Was Wonderful!  Paperback  110 large pages  Price  $17.00

Letters to Cousin Sallie Cullers  Jack and Mary Louise Cullers.  Transcribed letters to Sallie Cullers from Confederate soldiers whom she nursed during the Civil War, covering the period from 861 to 1918. Paper back 206 pages  Price $20

Herbert Barbee's Roots  Rolf Hubbee   A thirty page page pamphlet about the life of the sculptor, with ties to many "old valley names" Price $3.00

Virginia Valley Records  by John  W. Wayland  440 pages of well indexed lists of marriages, landowners, church records, old letters, court records, family histories and much more. A wealth of information. This pertains mostly to Rockingham and Augusta counties, with some information from surrounding counties. Originally published in 1930. Price   $43.00

Shenandoah, Valley of the Stars  text by Julia Davis, photographs by Lucian Niemeyer. In 1945, Julia Davis published the original text for this book. In 1994, Lucian Niemeyer collaborated with Mrs Davis by adding the most spectacular color photograpy imaginable. This book has 212 pages, fully indexed. It measures 10 1/2 x12 inches, hard cover. Originally sold for $39.95, we are offering this book for much less. Would make a great gift! Price $25.00

History of Shenandoah County by Dr John Wayland. This is the most comprehensive book available covering Shenandoah County, Virginia, written by the most notable historian in this region. Over 850 pages filled with facts , photos, and stories for anybody connected to this great county. Hard cover, well indexed.
Price $65.00

Virginia Regimental Histories – If you’re looking for a Confederate ancestor for personal reasons or for membership in organizations, there are a number of books in this series published by H.E. Howard of Appomattox. All of the units formed in Page County have been covered in books already published or are on the verge of publication. The Heritage Association has all of the published books on Page on hand, and can get any others you may need. The unit rosters have been entirely transcribed except for the pay records. The books also provide maps, an in-depth unit history and some photos. Some books are larger than others, depending on the number of letters, diaries, etc., that were available to the authors:

Regimental Histories currently available through the Heritage Association:

All are hard cover, and are $25.00 unless priced otherwise.

43rd Battalion Cavalry-Mosby's Command...  Hugh C. Keen  Horace Mewborn  410 pages

Miscellaneous Disbanded Va Light Artillery... Robert H. Moore II  141 pages

6th VA Infantry....  Michael A. Cavanaugh   143 pages

7th VA Cavalry ....Richard L. Armstrong     259 pages

7th VA Infantry ..... David F. Riggs   106 pages

10th VA Infantry .... Terrence V. Murphy  196 pages

23rd VA Cavalry .... Richard B. Kleese  108 pages

33rd VA Infantry ....Lowell Reidenbaugh   151 pages

Chew's Ashby, Shoemaker's Lynchburg and Newton Artillery....Robert H. Moore II  126 pages

Lowry’s, Bryan’s, and Chapman’s Batteries .... J.L. Scott  108 pages

Purcell, Crenshaw and Letcher Artillery .....Peter S. Carmichael  234 pages

Graham's Petersburg, Jackson's Kanawha, and Lurty's Roanoke Horse Artillery....Robert H. Moore II   140 pages

The Richmond Fayette,Hampden,Thomas,Blount's Lynchburg  Artillery.... Robert H. Moore II   178 pages

The above books are may be ordered from:

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